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PNR Helping our Community

This past Saturday was a busy one for PNR. Chase, Shawn, Tami, and I (Prez) volunteered at Sunol Glen's flood damage cleanup day. I had no idea how badly they were hit, but the flood waters got so high that it moved the modular around, and were not salvageable. A large part of the school is covered in 6 inches of mud. There will be another cleanup day, so keep an eye out for that. After that, over 20 of us showed up for Assistance League's crab feed. Frank Hanna was the auctioneer and helped them raise money to support their fantastic organization. PNR got a nice shout-out for Dave Pitcher's work with the Poinsettias and our book drive for the cloth the children event. I am super proud of our club for all we do for our community. I have attached some pictures of both events.


- President Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Sassy, Sassypants, Squatch, Das Foot, Hairy, Bell less Squatch, hairy knuckles, (Whatever other nicknames you come up with)

Chase and Shawn Henley Cleanup

Assistance League Fundraiser - Billy, Chase, Darcy, Frank, and Josh

Billy and Val

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