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New Members Add Experience and Diversity to PNR

Pleasanton North Rotary’s growing maturity and ethnic diversity were reflected in vocational speeches presented by Dick Quigley and Mondo Chidambaram at the club’s July 29th meeting.

Quigley, who migrated to PNR from the Livermore Valley Rotary Club, is a fifth generation Californian whose Irish family settled in northern California nine years before the state’s historic 1849 gold rush. He was raised in Oakland and learned retail logistics and distribution at Colgate College and applied those skills during a rich career with Montgomery Wards, Safeway and 21 years with Livermore National Laboratory. He taught product logistics and distribution at Chabot College for 16 years.

As a Rotarian since 2004, Dick helped develop youth service programs for the Livermore Valley club. He is a multiple Paul Harris fellow. As a political activist, he served for 16 years on the elected governing board the Zone 7 Water Agency.

Mondo Chidambaram was born and raised in India. He emigrated to the U.S. for college training in business administration in Buffalo, NY, where he also learned to cope with frigid North American winters. Following graduation, he enjoyed a varied business career in Los Angeles including experience with a startup.

Mondo moved with his wife and family to the Bay Area in 1997. In 2014, he changed careers for commercial real estate investment and now works from home. His sister is a licensed gynecologist and operates a Christian Missionary Service in India.

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