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PNR Builds a Deck for Goodness Village

Updated: May 25, 2022

About 20 PNR members, family members and friends joined in near perfect harmony May 21st to build a 400 square foot deck for Goodness Village, a 28-unit Tiny Home Community for the formerly homeless in Livermore.

Planned by PNR member Larry Carrillo, the deck was constructed in about seven hours from lumber

paid for by contributions from numerous club members. Daniel Curtis, owner of Triangle Construction, Pleasanton, provided power tools and professional guidance during construction. Kim Curtis, executive director of Goodness Village and Daniel's spouse, assisted with the project.

PNR members rotated in and out of the construction site at 1660 Freisman Road during the day. A partial list of participants includes the following: Jim Brice, Billy Buckley, Kirsten Bureman, Dale and Larry Carrillo, Michael and Viviana Cherman, Tami Hennegan, Gina Piper and Shawn Farrell, Sandy Richert, Josh Sevier, Steve and Jan Sherman, Ron Sutton, and Nick Valenziano.

Contact Jim Brice (jbrice1@ix.netcom) for necessary revisions or copies of the photos.

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