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You Can Help Recruit New Members for PNR

Chase Henley, PNR’s Membership Committee Chair, can use your help to meet the membership goals for 2021-22.

Chase, along with President Eddie and our District Governor, fellow PNR member Richard Flanders, have challenged our club to grow by a net 10 new members over the course of the next year.

We’re off to a fantastic start with the induction of Larry Cabling.

Larry's Induction with President Eddie and Casey

A few more applications are expected in any day now as well.

But that’s just the beginning. We need every member’s help to continue our momentum.

Here are five tips from Chase on how YOU can help recruit new PNR members.

1. Get people in the door! Invite friends, family, and colleagues to our Friday meetings and/or events. Remember that a prospective member can attend TWO meetings for FREE.

2. Talk about our club everywhere and generate interest! Follow PNR’s social media pages and REPOST to spread awareness of how much we do for the community and how much fun we have.

3. Appeal to local volunteers. Our club is perfect for those who have experience and a passion for community service.

4. Look to younger Rotarians for suggestions about attracting younger members.

5. Be persistent and make membership growth a priority!

Let's do this PNR!

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