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What an amazing Rotary Weekend!!

Hello to the World's Greatest Rotary Club!

Wow, what an amazing Rotary weekend this was! I am so proud to say that I am a member of this club!

It all started two Friday meetings ago with a pledge to donate backpacks to school kids. The response by our club was overwhelming. Those pledges turned into a delivery, Friday morning, of over 80 backpacks filled with school supplies!! Our club is going to make a whole bunch of kids very happy.

Then, we had a great meeting at Hap's. Elisa's presentation was excellent. What a bright, energetic, confident young woman she has become! With a goal to not only join the local Rotary Club in Belgium, but to be the first woman in the club... amazing! Next stop... Prime Minister!

But we weren't done there. A group of us went straight over to Kids Against Hunger to help pack meals for needy children. Through some friendly competition, and some well-oiled assembly line production, we, as a group, were able to pack 10,368 meals!! Yes, over 10,000! Can we all say, "Wooooooooowwww!!!" Truly incredible.

Thank you to Nick for hosting us at Porky's for a cold refreshment after a hard afternoon of packing meals!

Now, if that wasn't enough, fast forward to Saturday for what has to be one of the most successful fundraising events I've been too!! The fundraising committee knocked it out of the park!!! The conversion of the backyard into a tropical paradise was absolutely unbelievable. The decorations were beautiful. The drinks were top notch. The tacos were delicious. The games were fun. The auctions were thrilling. A few of us even ended up in the pool (some willing, some not so much)! But all in all, it was a fantastic time and better yet, we raised a whole bunch of money!! We'll now be able to serve our community even more than before!!

So a big thank you to everyone that played any part at all in this awesome weekend. Our club really is the World's Greatest!! No doubt!

Just remember... nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody!

**Serve to Change Lives**

Yours truly,


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