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Live Meeting Moves PNR Closer to a New Normal

In a designated picnic area behind the City of Pleasanton Aquatic Center, Pleasanton North Rotary took a step toward post-pandemic normalcy April 2 with its first live weekly club meeting of 2021.

On a beautiful spring day, about 20 members joined President Orville for the break-through “bring your own” bag lunch. Proper masking and social distancing precautions were taken while we renewed our fellowship.

The meeting was highlighted by the Induction of David Rice and Alexis Venema as PNR’s newest members. Sponsored by W. Ron Sutton, Dave is an HR sales compensation senior manager with Seagate. He was motivated to join PNR by his desire to assist with projects that help Pleasanton.

Sponsored by Frank Hanna, Lexi was born, raised and now is a proud homeowner in Pleasanton. She is realtor affiliated with the Venema Homes Real Estate team. She notes in her application that she has known PNR members Frank Hanna and Jerry Pentin “since I was born,” which is kind of a scary thought. She went to Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton with PNR members Sara Williams and Chase Henley.

PNR continues to grow despite the challenges of the Coronavirus. With addition of Dave and Lexi, PNR now has 58 members, with two membership applications pending. The total is eight more members than our peaks of 50 in both 2018-19 and 2019-20.

In other club news …

Community Service – Community Service Chair Darcy DeCoite thanked members for volunteering to deliver blood pressure monitor cuffs for our volunteer outreach at Axis Healthcare in Pleasanton. Our next volunteer project will be with Shepherd’s Gate later in April. Also, in anticipation of future hands-on projects, Darcy reminded members that they can get dirty and remain proud while wearing a PNR volunteer t-shirt. They are free to all members. Contact Darcy at to order yours now.

PNR Foundation – The PNR Foundation filled three vacancies to its board at its April monthly meeting. Deb Covert and W. Ron Sutton will fill vacancies from the departures of Jack Parker and Dave Pitcher from the board. Tom Hall, the current foundation president, agreed to stay on another year as a board member.

Popcorn Faux Pas – President Orville’s got some ‘splaining to do! When Mark Linsky won President Orville’s monthly wine and popcorn raffle, he was surprised to find he had not been presented with a bag of Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn, but he received a bag of Pop Secret, Orville’s cut-rate competitor, instead. Orville denied knowledge of the switch and assured members it was not beneficial for all concerned.

CAPTION: Two new members were inducted into PNR April 2. From left. W. Ron Sutton sponsored the David Rice, PNR President Dave Pitcher stands behind new member Alexis Venema and PNR Past President Jerry Pentin.

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