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PNR Welcomes New Exchange Students

With their host families and PNR members waiting at the gate, Szofi Darab and Giulia Pinna arrived in Pleasanton to begin their life in a year as Rotary exchange students.

Szofi is from Páty, a small village near Budapest Hungary. She has two older sisters. Szofi loves to read, travel and is excited to come experience high school life in California. She will be hosted by Beth and Andrew McCarthy and their daughter Callie.

Giulia is from Cagliari Italy, the capital city of the island of Sardinia. She has one younger sister. Giulia loves to cook, travel and eat popcorn at the movies! She will be hosted by two families during her year, Linnea and Michael Coultrip and their sons Will and Ryan, and Sarah and Michael Holtzclaw, and their daughter Jill.

Both young women have bravely left their comfort zone of family, friends, language and culture. They had the courage to spread their wings to come and live for a year in Pleasanton where everything is new and everyone for the moment is a stranger. Please welcome them, and help them feel at home as they experience a new life as a Rotary exchange student!

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