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“Every Rotarian Every Year” Means You!

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

An ancient poem by John Donne explains it well.

No man is an island

Entire of itself.

Each is part of the continent,

A part of the main …

So it is that no PNR member is an island either. Each of us is part of a noble campaign and sacred fellowship, dedicated to the ideal of “Service Above Self.”

We are part of the main, which means we are part of Rotary International (RI) and its commitment to international service through the Rotary Foundation and its Annual Fund.

This year, as it has been with every recent year, PNR will meet its goal for donations to the foundation. Some members will make substantial contributions. Others’ will be more modest. In fact, only 65 percent (42 of 65 members) had donated to the RI Annual Fund as of April 4th.

To benefit all concerned, the PNR board would like every member to commit to the principle of “Every Rotarian Every Year.” This means we’re asking every member to make a minimum $25 donation to the RI Annual Fund in this and in future years.

You can fulfill this request by visiting the “For Members” section of and DONATE directly to RI’s Annual Fund-SHARE, Polio Plus, the World Fund, or Disaster Response Fund. You can also send a check to Philip Stone, PNR’s RI Foundation Chair. Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund in April will qualify for use in support of Ukrainian relief efforts, as well as toward your Paul Harris fellowship award.

You can do your part by helping us all do our parts together. The goal is 100 percent member participation by June 30th, the end of the Rotary fiscal year. Again, our current participation rate is 65 percent. Progress toward 100 percent participation will be tracked week-to-week on a thermometer you’ll see on Tom Power’s desk at every PNR weekly meeting.

We are relying on you. Just like in the poem, “Therefore, send not to know from whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.”

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