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Tom Hall Awarded PNR Honorary Membership

At our Sept. 3 meeting, Tom Hall was presented an honorary membership in Pleasanton North Rotary as a tribute to his leadership, fellowship and generosity.

Past President Dave Pitcher explained during ceremonies how Tom was recruited by another past president, Herb Ritter, and inducted in PNR on Dec. 12, 2008. He was involved in numerous community projects before his year as club president in 2017-18 and two terms as PNR Foundation president from 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Adding pizzazz to our A Starry Night fundraisers as the chair or member of the ASN organizing committee was one of Tom’s specialties. These included the memorable “Night in Havana” at Barone’s Restaurant and “Masked Ball” at Castlewood Country Club. Both were extremely well-received, financially successful.

Tom also excelled in recruiting new members, Pitcher noted. They include Billy Buckley, Susan Dees, Gina Piper and Andre Wright, all of whom have or are playing important roles for the club. At our weekly meetings, Tom’s impromptu banter helped sustain the club’s reputation as a fun and irreverent Rotary chapter.

Tom’s generosity to the club and the PNR Foundation added to his legacy. He was the primary sponsor to Wheelchairs to Mexico in 2020. Tom and his wife Ali provided their home and spacious patio for the several entertaining presidential demotions and highly successful club fund-raisers. He also contributed to financial success of the recent Tropical Paradise fundraiser at Shawn Henley’s residence.

PNR has previously awarded honorary membership to Vince McNamara, Jim Ott, Jerry Pentin, and Dominic Pipitone. Tom is a deserving new addition.

The many faces of Tom Hall, PNR’s newest honorary member.

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